Personal Real Estate in & around Austin Tx

I am a Realtor and I do what I do because… I find my joy in life by helping others, I love hearing about where the favorite chair or grandma’s buffet table will go, I see the potential in what a good real estate investment will bring to your future wealth. I am thrilled to meet new people, I am detailed orientated, I provide my clients with all of the steps to make a real estate purchase or sale happen, and we work as a team throughout the process.  I can see how a home will look to a buyer and the staging steps needed to make it pop and I love finding what makes a buyer’s top 3 list of “needs” in a home (trust me this one can be tricky and tends to change for many people as you go through your home search)! I get to experience a little piece of my clients’ life as they make a move into or out of a home.   I know when to negotiate strong and when to step back and help you see the whole picture which is one of my most appreciated skill sets with clients.   I am able to give back to our community through  Austin Angels and Florence's Comfort House.   I am a Realtor and I do what I do because it is a full time career that I love.